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Congratulations to Dakar Education Chair
Dr. Ayesha Randall

Awarded Inner City Youth Orchestra of Los Angeles

2023 Most Valuable Player Volunteer of the Year Award

The Association of California Symphony Orchestras (ACSO) is pleased to announce that Dr. Ayesha K. Randall, parent volunteer with the Inner City Youth Orchestra of Los Angeles (ICYOLA), is a recipient of the 2023 Most Valuable Player (MVP) Volunteer Award.

ACSO launched the MVP Volunteer Award in 1996 to recognize exemplary volunteers, volunteer projects, and volunteer organizations and to thank a few of the hundreds of dedicated, hardworking, and committed volunteers that orchestras and classical music organizations depend on every day.

"Ayesha Randall has been a parent volunteer for ICYOLA for many years. She comes to our rehearsals looking for any way to help; she has recorded videos of our rehearsals for social media and helped staff and musicians with set-up and breakdown. At our season finale concerts, she always volunteers to work with either ticket sales or the supervision of the musicians of the orchestra. Her dedication to our orchestra goes beyond helping her daughter, but assisting in any way she can. We are extremely grateful and proud to nominate Ayesha Randall for this award,” said Akilah Morgan, Director of Programs at the Inner City Youth Orchestra of Los Angeles.

“Consistently, Ayesha Randall has chosen to volunteer with a smile on her face, and it has shown our staff the prototype for a supportive volunteer. Randall has encouraged musicians and staff for their work and extends a helping hand at every rehearsal or concert that she attends. Her positive attitude warms our hearts and allows for both musicians and staff to recognize that our organization is making beneficial contributions to the community.”

ACSO Executive Director Sarah Weber said, “During good times and bad, orchestras depend on volunteers to help with almost every aspect of their operations. They are working behind the scenes and out in front as ambassadors to make sure that their orchestra is strong and active in the performance hall and in the community. Ayesha is an outstanding example of how critical volunteers are to keeping our orchestras vital and resilient.”

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