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Student Exchange Program

Meeting with PUSD Principal(s)

Isabella Warner, Chair of Student Exchange

Dr. Ayesha Randall, Chair, Education Committee, Dakar-Plateau, Senegal Subcommittee

Maryetta Knox, Dakar Representative Student Exchange Program

To: Dr. Lawton Gray, Principal of John Muir High 

Thank you for meeting with myself Angie Gomez and Laura Terry members of the (PSCC) Pasadena Sister Cities Committee today Monday July 10.  I recently read that your daughter Lauren a Junior at Muir was selected as Miss Black Pasadena and was in the February 2023 Black History Parade and that she attended Field Elementary School and took Chinese Speaking Classes. 


LAURA TERRY (Chair of our China Sub-Committee) and myself wanted to outreach to you to help us encourage the Youth at your school that PSCC is another organization that the Youth can get involve with if they so desire.  There is opportunities for them to create a PSCC Youth Committee and apply their leadership skills and opportunities to network and travel.  


YOU mentioned that Muir High was having an OPEN HOUSE on Wednesday August 23 at 5pm and YOU would allow PSCC to have an information table.  I am including the current President Taleen Hindoyan and the Executive Board on this e-mail so it can be discuss as to who of PSCC will make the commitment to be at John Muir High for Open House and work out the logistics with your staff.  


In our discussion today it was interesting to find out that you were a former Principal at Temple City High School and knew of their city's Sister City Program Student Exchange with Australia.  You also know the grandfather "Jerry" of a Pasadena Student J.R. we PSCC sent to Armenia in summer of 2018.  Also that you knew Marguerite Hougasian (former member of PSCC) who was a teacher of yours when you graduated from Muir in 1973.  


Regarding our Invite next PSCC August 19 meeting, we will make sure you get the Invite/ notification, time and location of meeting so that you and your family might consider getting to know more of our members.   Please google our websites Pasadena Sister Cities, also and Sister Cities International for more info. Thank you so much for your time today. 



Angie Gomez, PSCC Member 

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Meet some of the Young Adults and Students

Join the Student Exchange Program

Providing experience in international affairs and citizen diplomacy to youth is a critical part of any sister city program. Activities often include student exchanges, virtual exchanges, and sports tournaments. These exchanges are often described by participants as “a life-changing experience,” and many current leaders in international affairs or diplomacy can trace their interest to their first sister city exchange.

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