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California League of Cities Conference September 7, 2012

Angie and Fred of Pasadena Sister Cities Committee in San Diego for the California League of Cities Conference assisting at the Sister Cities International Booth. Pasadena Mayor Bill Bogaard was being installed in September 2012 as the President of the CA League of Cities.  I believe the National SCI Board is still attending some of these State and National League of Cities Conventions. 

Angie Gomez

SCI Board of Director 2012-2015

September 7, 2012. Angie and I assisted Kathleen on Friday at the SCI table at the conference. We talked to a number of city offials, including our own Mayor Bill Bogaard. It was a great experience.

Hope you enjoy these...


Fred Alacntar




Angie Gomez, Bd of SCI, SOCAL & Member of Pasadena Sister Cities Committee; Bill Bogaard, Mayor of Pasadena, CA; Michele Beal Bagneris, City Attorney, City of Pasadena, CA

Being of Service

Angie Gomez; Fred Alcantar, BD of SOCAL & Vice President of Pasadena Sister Cities Committee; Kathleen Roche-Tansey, SOCAL Representative for SCI

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