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Continuing to network and publicize the Pasadena Sister City Program, In the last part of the of the month, August 23rd, Angie Gomez, and I attended John Muir High School's back to school night.  We were able to talk with students and parents about all of the Sister Cities.  Our new brochure, along with information about Sister Cities International was shared with the campus community and other organizations that attended.  The school counselor, and Robert Aceves, Senior Community Advocate--College Magnet, also met with us to discuss future involvement with PSCC.  

They were both invited to the join us and/or attend our next meeting.  Another opportunity would to be to see some of the students at our annual October meeting where students will meet with us to report on their experiences in the student exchange program and their travel experience.

Respectfully Submitted Laura Terry, Vice Chair China

The lady in the picture with her Muir High Freshman Tyler; SHE has a child at Field Elementary School. The lady Stephanie stated that her child is learning Chinese at Field Elementary School, even thou their ancestry is from Vietnam. 


As you are now aware Cathy Wei made many connections 15 years ago or so with the teachers at Field Elementary School, and even brought over some teachers from China to visit Field Elementary School when the principal then was Ms. Apodaca. 


Student Lauren Gray is a senior this year at Muir High, and she attend Field Elementary School and took the Chinese Immersion Classes. LAUREN currently holds the title of Miss Black Pasadena, as she was in the Black History Parade early this year 2023.   


PSCC needs to collaborate with other sister cities if only to gather more membership and learn how they survive, that is MY opinion.  Guangzhou China is very near our sister city of Xicheng District Beijing in the HEBEI PROVINCE.


Historical Info: to the old members and new members past practice is that PSCC always dedicated the October General meeting as "Student Night" kids we sent abroad over the summer would speak to our General Membership about their experience.  In 2019 we had about (5) Students return to our October 2019 Student Night, (1) talked about Vanadzor Armenia, (2) talked about Ludwigshafen, (3) talked about Jarvenpaa. In addition, late December 2019 two young ladies appeared before City Council and spoke of their experience in Vanadzor and Finland. from Angie. 


Members attending Muir H. S. Back to School Night 


Tommye Martin, Angie Gomez and Taliba Carr went to the performance at Descanso Gardens and enjoyed a performance by Amadou Fall from Senegal.  

Amadou Fall and Abdoulaye Sow bring the sounds of West Africa on the kora, djembe, and dun dun. A native of Senegal, Amadou Fall has developed a beautiful repertoire and hopes to bring people from all walks of life together with music from Africa, all through the breath-taking sounds of his kora. Abdoulaye Sow, a djembe and dun dun artist, brings innovative fusions of traditional African rhythms with contemporary influences tha
t have earned him widespread acclaim
Check here to read his bio

IMG_1763001 (1).jpg

Community Outreach

The members of the Dakar-Plateau, Senegal Subcommittee can be seen throughout the community engaged in membership recruitment and serving as ambassadors to our Subcommittee.

3rd Annual DENA Juneteenth Celebration of Justice and Freedom 2023

Dakar members represented us throughout the community on Juneteenth. Elizabeth Ellis and Totress Beasley performed at Metropolitan Church.

Elise 20230617_160651.jpg

Muse/ique Concert in the Park

Dakar Members representing PSCC in the community:

Boualem Bousseloub, Elizabeth Ellis, Lena Louise Kennedy, Barbra McPheeters,

Totress Beasely, Joann Forte, Dr. Roseline Dauphin, Maryetta Knox,

Shirley Taylor, and Sandi Hamilton

Recruited two new members: Fire Chief Chad and Debra Ward


Annual Bridge Party

Dakar Members representing PSCC in the community:

Totress Beasley, Elizabeth Ellis, Barbra McPheeters, India Key,

Dr. Roseline Dauphin, Shirley Taylor, Carla Boykin, Tunisia Offray, Brandon Lamar

Carla Boykin was a volunteer at the Bridge Party!

We enjoyed time with former Mayor Bill Bogaard and Rick Cole, candidate for City Council District 2

Claire Bogaard was one of the founders of the Bridge Party in 1978

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