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History updates by Angie Gomez

Just wanted to let you know that there is a distinction between the Local SCI SoCAL Chapter and the umbrella organization (SCI) Sister Cities International.  They each have their own websites.  The person that originally created the Southern California Chapter of SCI, is Thelma Press (age 90) who currently resides in San Diego.  She has always been active with the umbrella organization and most particularly with San Bernardino over the years.  SHE decide probably back in the late 1960 there needed to be a team out here in Southern California to have regional meetings, as CALIFORNIA has the most sister cities relationships.   

SCI SoCal Chapter, this is Carla Boykin job to report. 


SCI SoCal Chapter, or Local SCI SoCal Chapter. 

Myself, I served six straight years 2010-2016 on the Local SCI SoCal Chapter Board, of which I served one year secretary and one year Vice President. 

Concurrently I served on the Umbrella organization (SCI) as Board of Director 2012-2015 one term.


There are two ladies in Southern California Pat Fallin lives in Solvang and Kathlyn Roche Tansey in La Jolla that have been with the umbrella organization SCI in their younger years served as Board of Directors.  Pat in particular can not remember was Vice Chair of umbrella SCI around 1980? under the SCI Chairman Mae Ferguson of Forth Worth Texas.  Pat was a Mayor of some town in Colorado at the time.   Ditto Kathlyn held the post of secretary of the umbrella organization SCI back in 1980 or late 1980, I have some old SCI Directory Books.  TODAY, these two ladies serve as the liaisons for the umbrella organization of SCI, spreading info and outreaching to the many Sister Cities Programs that exist in Southern California.   In Northern California there is another group, in particular a dedicated volunteer Brenda Brumfield of Vallejo California of which they among their sister cities an African one Tanzania. .   


Have a good week. 

from Angie Gomez 

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